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  • Private equity (PE) value creation is often misunderstood as relying primarily on pulling financial engineering levers. Yet, we in the industry know this is a small part of the story.......

  • “The whole is often less than the sum of its parts”1 concludes a recent research report from S&P, confirming what corporate leaders already know, that M&A is a risk for acquirers.2......

  • CEOs hire a Chief of Staff to clean up a mess, get staff members to work together efficiently and focus on the issues the CEO is committed to deliver. Fundamentally,......

  • Most business leaders from around the world say their overwhelming objective is to find better ways to implement their plans. The Harvard Business Review in a cover report on why......

News & Updates

Chiefofstaff.com Selected for the Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem Program

Hartford CT & New York, NY, July, 2018​ – Chiefofstaff.com has been accepted into Oracle’s new Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem program for startup companies poised for hypergrowth. As part of the Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem, Chiefofstaff.com will have access to Oracle’s vast global resources including mentoring, R&D support, marketing/sales enablement, cloud credits and discounts, and access to Oracle’s customer and product ecosystems. Read the Press Release (pdf)

Chiefofstaff.com and MetaOpS Make Partnership Official

Hartford CT & New York, NY, June, 2018 – MetaOps provides top executive and operational talent to large manufacturing companies globally, with a focus on aligning strategy with implementation, putting troubled projects back on track, and bringing best practices expertise and supply chain excellence. Now, thanks to a partnership with Chiefofstaff.com, MetaOps’ professional services are complemented by a powerful new tool that significantly enhances strategy execution. Read the Press Release (pdf)

Chiefofstaff.com, Longwave and GrowthSquared Announce Partnership

Hartford CT & New York, NY, May, 2018 – Chiefofstaff.com, Longwave, and GrowthSquared have announced a partnership that significantly increases the odds of success for large global organizations. Read the Press Release (pdf)

OPG and Chiefofstaff.com Deliver First Class Strategy and Unparalleled Execution
Woodbridge, CT & Hartford, CT, May 2018 ­- Organizational Performance Group (OPG) and Chiefofstaff.com announce a partnership that delivers OPG’s first class expertise in strategic planning combined with Chiefofstaff.com’s powerful strategy execution software to help CEOs and their teams lead with excellence. Read the Press Release (pdf)

Chiefofstaff.com Introduces New Metrics Module
Hartford CT & New York, NY, May 2018- Chiefofstaff.com has supplemented its cloud-based enterprise Corporate Strategy Management (CSM) solution with a brand new, fully integrated Metrics Module. View the press release (pdf).

Chiefofstaff.com Introduces New Multi-Language Capability
Hartford CT & New York, NY, May 2018 – Chiefofstaff.com, the innovative Corporate Strategy Management (CSM) platform, is pleased to introduce a new multi-language capability, which aims to break down the geographic barriers and complexities that exist for multinational organizations. Read the press release (pdf)

Chiefofstaff.com to Exhibit at 2017 Web Summit
Hartford, Connecticut, November 1, 2017 — Chiefofstaff.com, the innovative Enterprise Corporate Strategy Management startup is pleased to announce that senior executives of their European team will join tech leaders and innovators from around the world at the Web Summit in Lisbon November 6th-9th, which Forbes has called “the best web conference on the planet.” Read the press release (pdf)

Chiefofstaff.com Launches European Team
Hartford, Connecticut, October 18, 2017– Chiefofstaff.com, the innovative cloud based software platform designed for C-Suite executives by C-Suite executives is pleased to announce the launch of its European Team. Led by seasoned executives Amy Edwards Anderson, Brooke Peterson and Anne Marie Bakke, the European Team aims to grow Chiefofstaff.com’s global presence by expanding operations in this important region. Read the Press Release (pdf)

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