Apr 29 Chiefofstaff.com and The SPECTRUM Group partnership

The new partnership between Chiefofstaff.com and The SPECTRUM Group brings strategic engagement and strategy execution to government and its global industry partners.

Hartford CT & New York, NY, May 2019 – The President of The SPECTRUM Group (TSG), Major General George Close (USA, Ret.) , and his colleagues, Brigadier General Wayne Wright (USAF, Ret.), Lieutenant General John Caldwell (USA, Ret.) and Former Acting Secretary of Energy Dr. Grace Bochenek (SES, Ret.), have decades of experience leading military and government organizations. Their leadership expertise spans crisis situations, highly complex transformations and transitions, war and peace, and working with and across governments and industry partners. Today, TSG harnesses their leadership in working shoulder-to-shoulder with business and government leaders to empower organizational success.

Speaking to the requirements of enabling projects and transformations that span a division or organization, Dr. Bochenek notes that “People need to feel connected, and you need mechanisms to support that, particularly in high complexity organizations with thousands of distributed personnel.”

Chiefofstaff.com, founded by CEO Robert Epner and Co-founder Rich McGeary, is rapidly bringing the digital age to the C-Suite. Chiefofstaff.com is an innovative strategy execution platform for CEOs and their teams to run complex organizations.

“Chiefofstaff.com provides a real-time, diagnostic view of an organization’s entire plan in one place, putting the status of the most relevant priorities at the C-Suite’s fingertips and bringing visibility to teams across functions, geographies, subsidiaries and portfolio companies,” says Bob Epner.

Taking a seat at the leadership table, General Close has recently joined Chiefofstaff.com’s Advisory Board. A newer but rapidly expanding company, Chiefofstaff.com is aiming high as it continues on its fast-paced growth trajectory.

“Chiefofstaff.com delivers the military’s definition of leadership: ‘Influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation, while accomplishing the mission and improving the organization, full circle’,” affirms General Close. “It’s like a playbook and a 3D chess set rolled into one, aligning doctrine, strategy, plans, execution, and results.”

As partners, the two companies are already pursuing new market opportunities, including engaging a third partner in financial services and investing and submitting a proposal for USSOCOM work. Together, Chiefofstaff.com and The SPECTRUM Group can better deliver the expert support business and government clients need to achieve their strategic goals.

About the Firms:

The SPECTRUM Group (TSG), now in our 26th year, provides a broad range of goaloriented strategic consulting, government contracting, congressional and executive relations, due diligence and M&A support services throughout our six Centers of Excellence: Defense & Aerospace, Security, International, Government Relations, Healthcare & Bio-Sciences, and Energy & Environment.

Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, TSG has built our reputation as a leading provider of strategic consulting and government relations services. Our more than 100 expert team members include former CEOs and senior executives in business and government, senior military and IC leaders, legislative affairs experts, and community development leaders. Our clients include middle-market companies, startups, Fortune 500 companies, international and multinational entities, states and local communities, and the federal government. Learn more at: www.spectrumgrp.com

About Chiefofstaff.com, LLC, Chiefofstaff.com is cloud-based enterprise Corporate Strategy Management (CSM) software that helps CEOs and the C-Suites of complex organizations manage and implement their strategic and operational plans. Chiefofstaff.com helps CEOs maintain a clear line of sight across all divisions and teams, ensuring plan implementation remains on schedule. The platform’s open communication fosters engagement within and across departments, teams and employees, so that everyone is on the same page. An integral part of the company’s culture is its commitment to the community. Through its support of the David Arthur Foundation, Chiefofstaff.com aims to strengthen and build innovative communities to solve autism life