Our global partner network provides onboarding support, bringing decades of combined experience in strategy implementation across diverse industries to ensure your success.


CMA Pacific Partners (HK) Ltd. deploys seasoned PE operators—each with over 30 years of senior leadership roles in industry and PE—as interim management solutions or advisors to your fund / portfolio Cos. Together we build operating muscle with enduring impact on financial results. We are problem solvers that thrive in situations of ambiguity, and bring deep functional/industry ‘spikes” in key areas. We not only think like PE investors, we look for opportunities to invest alongside you.


ControlConsultoria was created based on the vision of their partners to consolidate their operations in the insurance, pension plan, capitalization bonds, and health insurance markets. This is a story that began more than 20 years ago, with the project to be the main consulting reference in this segment. ControlConsultoria developed a core software solution for life and pensions – ControlVP – starting up its systems development unit. Currently, Control has its headquarters located in São Paulo, delivering services to customers throughout Brazil. It has around 100 professionals who build this daily history of success and growth.


MetaOps provides MetaExperts that respond to urgent needs for easy to access, reliable, OpEx talent – your 911 call for performance improvement and solving the most difficult problems. MetaOps helps companies to increase their market share and profit through a People Centrix™ approach. Their team of world-class experts brings an extensive toolkit that helps management see problems and opportunities, and teaches staff how to make dramatic improvements and drive sustainable improvement – fast.


The PMO Academy helps insurance companies deliver strategic change. With an experienced team based permanently in Asia, and with firsthand experience of managing critical projects across Asia, Europe and the United States, The PMO Academy provides a safe pair of hands for even the most complex change. For over 30 years, as well as holding senior roles in the financial services sector, they have worked with big consultancies and solution providers. And they dreamed of creating a new kind of consultancy; one that not only had a great reputation for delivering complex change, but also a reputation for helping clients build their change management capability and self-sufficiency. Rather than “land and expand,” they prefer to “nurture and grow.” The PMO Academy is boutique, agile, and passionate about sharing experience and making a lasting contribution to the change landscape in Asia.


Schaffer Consulting helps clients accelerate progress on their most important financial and strategic goals.

We believe that every organization has untapped potential to perform at significantly higher levels. Our approach unlocks that capacity, helping organizations make rapid, measurable progress towards key priorities. And we are equally focused on helping teams develop growth-enabling capabilities, so the results they achieve in the near term have lasting impact.